Camp For Hope At Staverton 20/21st October

To get to the camp site, go to the entrance of the Airport where camp organisers will direct you.

Staverton Airport want to extend their runway and increase services. The extra noise and fumes will damage the local environment and the huge amounts of CO2 will add to global warming.

We need to put our children's future and the environment before the profits of an airport.

Saturday 20th Oct

Learn about global warming, what it means to you and your children. Learn what you can do about it.

Workshops and discussions start at 13:00pm

Lead speaker David Drew MP also talks and workshops from:

Transition Town Stroud
Plane Stupid
Seeds of Change

Stop Bristol Airport Expansion
Bio Fuel watch

Sunday 21st Oct

Peaceful protest against the airport's impacts on noise, the environment, and the area's image

The airport claims "only a small minority are opposed to the development," Come and show them that you are not part of a small minority by making your voice heard.

This campaign is about more than an airport. It is about our resolve to adapt to climate change.

You can come and camp for the weekend, or just come for the Saturday or Sunday.

For more information email

Map to the airport is below or Click here for directions - The camp will be directly opposite the entrance to the airport on Bramfurlong Lane

for more on the airport see and